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Just stating what I think is obvious, ( seemingly not ), Each Item on this site is called a "Lot xxxx", you are in fact buying just ONE item, not the whole lot !!!, the price and P&P quoted IS PER SINGLE ITEM, just saying !!!, luv yer all, even the comedians. I will of course combine the P&P for more than one purchase, this is determined by Royal Mail weight and size categories.


Just a quick update, this re-write to incorporate the Paypal payment system is taking longer than I imagined, still need to keep ploughing on, Happy Whitsun to you all.


A quick Update to advise, there may be a little disruption to the site whilst I re-write some of the coding to incorporate a " Pay by Paypal " / Credit card option, Please bear with me, Ta very muchly.


Just a few lines about me, whilst this venture is to fill my time, everything you see advertised as on sale at Ebay is genuine, at some stage I may well get my own payment processing like Paypal or Nochex, but I could qualify as a brain surgeon before understanding the coding for that. Whilst I can accept payments online, you would need to make contact first to acquire the details and then payment is done via the paypal.me system.

All the prices you see on the front pages are advisory prices, you will pay the price on the Ebay listing, at times the product details cards may not reflect the current item as these are a more permanent feature, but will be added once all other stock details are up to date..


The numbers of available stock items, is updated daily, meaning this data will not be up to the minute.


There is no email address displayed due to robots etc sending out spam, but I am John and can be found at this website (domain name), if you follow my drift.

Thank you for browsing, Please come back soon.